Church on Sunday in the Parish 1st February 2015

Here we are into February now with the weather to match. We had a wonderful joint family service with the Crosby Methodist and our 11.30 am congregations this morning at Marown. It was so nice to see everyone worshiping and receiving Communion together.

In the afternoon we held a “Messy Church” event in Foxdale school. This time, there were some seriously messy activities to take part in. The theme being Candlemas and the activities representing that in some way. Rev Janice was was teaching the children to make candle shapes from dough. Having made them, they could take them home to bake.
I learned today that black clerical clothing and messy church are not necessarily compatible! It is foolishness to approach a large tub filled with cornflower and water in order to demonstrate the unusual properties beloved of cooks everywhere just as a group of children discover these properties for themselves and excitedly wave their hands around. Resulting in abstract splatter patterns across the afore mentioned clerical black attire. Rev Janice had an apron on to protect her from such an incident. Oh well, that’s the difference experience makes.
Nancy led us in Godly play and songs. We think we may have had the first case of someone break dancing to shine Jesus shine! (No not Nancy) All the children earned their sarnies and cake. What a great Sunday to be a part of.
Every blessing,
Rev Iaen.